Our Brands


Aero Agencies was founded in May 2019 as a Distributor of premium bicycle spares. Our diverse range consists of a number of bearings, valves and other bicycle related spares.

Having many years experience in the cycling industry and with a great passion for the sport, we can offer the best advice to our customers and are constantly updating our product range to ensure that the demands and needs of our customers are met.

Our offices are based in the heart of Port Elizabeth, supplying nationally to all independent bicycle dealers with the help of our sales agents in their respected regions.


Vittoria’s eagerness to innovate and disrupt the cycling industry is endless and this is why the company remains at the forefront of innovation like no other within the bike tire industry. The mission of Vittoria is to provide cycling enthusiasts with the best tires possible through disruptive technologies and materials.

The company’s proprietary laboratory is where Vittoria scientists harness the proprieties of new-found materials through advanced technologies and tools. They then integrate these developed materials into products, raising performance to previously unattainable levels. This is where Vittoria Graphene technology is rooted. By forecasting the potential of this incredible material, Vittoria has established itself as the #1 graphene user in bike industry.